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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization is understood to mean those actions that lead to a better ranking (placement) of a website on the search results pages (SERPs) of Google & Co.


Google’s goal is to provide the user with the most relevant and quality results appropriate to their search. 3.5 billion search requests are fed daily via Google every day and around 85% of all users only click on the results of the first page. Who does not appear here is de facto not findable.

Ranking these Google search results is a complex and non-public algorithm that tries to match the best results for each query. Google changes the algorithm regularly and adjusts it. Such changes are not communicated and are not visible. They lead to the fact that currently more than 200 ranking factors determine how a search result is ultimately composed and which websites are displayed.

Important factors

Although the Google Algorithms is unpublished, our years of experience in search engine optimization has given us a pretty good idea of ​​the important factors. The important factors in the Google algorithm can be divided into two categories:

The ranking of your website will be determined in part by the factors on the page. On-page SEO factors include technical aspects (such as the speed of the website) AND content-related aspects (such as the structure of the website).

These factors include marketing activities outside your website, such as links from other pages that link to your website, social media attention, … AND the competitiveness of your market.

SEO Strategy

A consistently good Google ranking requires a comprehensive SEO strategy that focuses on every aspect of your website. Design – Technology – Structure – Content. As a full-service agency, we work with our customers to develop the optimal SEO strategy and implement it in a holistic approach:

  • perfectly implemented website
  • with high quality content
  • a great user experience and
  • ensuring all necessary security requirements of the website

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