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There’s a book for that

Own creation 2017

Our services: Creation, conception, development, launch, marketing.

For There’s a book for that we as advertising agency changed sides. From the applicant of the customer products we switched to the side of the product developers.

This changeover brought amazing results. To dispute with trading partners, sales, POS, warehousing, shop window negotiations, etc. is exciting and instructive. Such a thing alters an agency and brings more understanding in the core competence.,

There’s a book for that are exceptional notebooks, because they offer a predefined layout for a variety of requirements, professional groups and hobbies – thoughtfully and perfectly designed. Our layouts save time and prevent important thoughts from being forgotten (and are just fun).

After the enormous worldwide success with our own e-commerce and the sale in all three branches of the chic stationery store Herzilein in Vienna there are now more than 20 different layouts in 12 graceful colors available.
For journalists, project managers, photographers, interior designers, family organizations, skateboard designers, make-up artists, screendesigner and many more.

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