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dataAvail is a file management & file sharing solution that enables the exchange of files of any kind via a web interface – easy to use, secure and with sophisticated features. Designed as an independent, secure and user-friendly solution, dataAvail is particularly suitable for planning, archiving and process development. In the development of dataAvail, we considered especially complex teams and client structures, which can be mapped with different authorizations and interaction possibilities.

The special thing about Dataavail is the file enrichment. dataAvail offers a file meta Layer, which allows an enrichment of the data. The system offers several features, e.g. anonymous sharing for external users with password protection and link expiry. Comments – also on individual older versions, temporary file locks and extensively configurable e-mail notifications facilitate implementation in existing workflows and ensure smooth collaboration even with huge, heterogeneous teams and clients.

Especially in countries with clear and strict data protection guidelines and for public clients, the implementation of dataAvail shows its full potential: While cloud services store confidential data on external servers abroad and violate company policies and government regulations, dataAvail stores data in a country and server of your choice. Hosting with access control, which is subject to European law, ensures that dataAvail customers are always in control of their sensitive data and that the question of data protection violations does not arise. dataAvail meets all requirements of the European general data protection regulation (GDPR).

dataAvail Wiener Linien
iService wins the tender of the Wiener Linien (Viennese government) for the setup of a data exchange server for the mega-construction site cross-line U2 / U5.

Stadt Wien  project Stadtstrasse, data management
IG-PREM project-oriented, scalable platform für data management

dataAvail was awarded with the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien sponsorship award.

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