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Schloss Kirchstetten

Support since 2007
Relaunch 2019

Our services: Responsive Webdesign, Corporate Design

With the relaunch of the website we have implemented a homepage in responsive web design for the smallest opera house in Austria Schloss Kirchstetten. Culturally interested users will be informed with a few clicks about all events, tickets and subscriptions, services and news as well as the castle, including festivals and the association culture in the castle Kirchstetten and can make individual seat reservations for ticket purchase.

For the anniversary year, we have already made the Corporate Design fully modern and reduced.

In 2019, Schloss Kirchstetten celebrates 20 years of the KlassikFestival

In 1998 the Lower Austrian Exhibition Entitled “rebellious & customized: Women living in Austria” pulled tens of Thousands of visitors under its spell. After the end of the exhibition which first opera Played in 1999th In collaboration with the “Garden Opera Festival Graz” Graz production for Kirchstetten what angepasst in seeking a way thatthey in the ballroom of the castle – Could be listed – the Maulpertsch room. Some concerts completed the program and a new festival was born.

Corporate Design

The logo was redesigned, subtleties adapted and a new and strongly straight-lined typography chosen. The reduction to two colors – red & black – gives the overall picture intense clarity, compact effect and facilitates readability and visual perception.


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