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On 26th of June the new website of PEFC Austria went online. We are responsible for the overall implementation of the website in responsive design.

PEFC is the leading certificate for sustainable forest management and processing.

This certificate guarantees that products along the entire wood value chain (ie from the forest to the finished product on the shelf) come from active, sustainable and climate-friendly forests.

The PEFC certificate marks products that meet these standards with the seal of the two trees.

The new web presence in responsive design is user-centered and displays informative elements in a clear structure for the visitors.

Responsive Design

describes in web design a creative and technical way of thinking about the reaction of a website to various technical devices. The aim is the central control of the output, especially with regard to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The structure of the website is of central importance. The different arrangement of the graphic elements as well as the use of different input methods – input on a touch display or mouse on the desktop – receive the full attention.

The responsive design allows different presentation on different devices with only one version of the website.


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