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With our communication solution – the storytelling website Seele der Alpen (Soul of the Alps) – the campaign generated thousands of signatures within the first hours after the press conference.

What makes storytelling so successful?

For thousands of years, storytelling has served to convey complex knowledge and is a fundamental aspect in human psychology of defining and explaining oneself and the world about stories, of capturing things in narratives. Storytelling thus generates memory, encourages learning and awakens emotions – each of us feels attracted by stories.

A good story gives meaning to every word, generates attention and creates memories.

Storytelling & Marketing

Media consumption has changed dramatically in recent years, and communication with it has also changed. There have never been more opportunities to reach listeners, readers and viewers, and at the same time, communication solutions that have been valid up to now no longer deliver the desired success.

If the daily newspaper was once read daily, a Millennial and Generation Z day begins and also ends with social media and news feeds. The wealth of information, the underlying fear of being able to miss something, leads to the fact that information is heavily selected. Making yourself stand out and gaining attention with your products is becoming increasingly difficult.

It is no longer only the quality of a product that determines a market success, it is rather its positioning in the communication landscape. It has never been more important to deliver relevant content.

How does storytelling work?

Storytelling is not so much about informing the customer with a variety of positive product features. The focus is less on the product itself than more on the problem that it solves. In storytelling, customers are picked up on their wishes, fears, problems and together with them the way to the (problem) solution went – that’s the story.

What is your story?


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