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We are happy about the relaunch of our beautiful, practical and lovingly crafted notebooks, with which we have given many great ideas new life. 19 different notebooks to structure and organize your work, life and passion.



The new soft cover is made of craft paper (283 g / m² folding force) and creates a uniquely pleasant feel. The individual cover designs are adapted to the respective content of the book and not only make designer hearts beat faster.


The stationery block consists of uncoated, white, high-quality offset paper with a good weight of 120 g / m. You can write on it with just about any drawing tool you like.


All books have a visible thread stiched binding and can be opened completely flat without damaging the binding. The perfect and ideal prerequisite for writing, designing, drawing or scribbling ;-).

Clean design – full of details

Working with professionals of the given fields we ensure to include the stuff that really matters – to get each book as unique as the tasks are. We designed the structure so you can focus on what really matters – the content, your content.

We could still tell you so much about our notebooks, but we know that pictures speak more than words and so it is best that you simply discover THERE’S A BOOK FOR THAT yourself!



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Works in detail.