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For more than 10 years, we are using Google products in many areas (advertising, website analysis, SEO, etc.). So, we are pleased to proof our qualification by being re-certified as Google Partner.

Google Partner certification confirms the success and experience of our team. It shows our constant work with significant campaign budgets, the top results our agency achieves the specializations in important areas.

The Google Partner logo

is a quality-verification and is only awarded if these requirements are fulfilled:

  • Passing annual certification exams
  • Continuous optimization of Google Ads accounts
  • Management of more than 10,000 dollars-budgets in 90 days in Google Ads

In 2020, the Google Partner Program was changed. Today the criteria are much more objective and more difficult to fulfil.

Our agency

meets these demanding qualifications and we thus guarantee

  • Expert knowledge
  • Extensive trainings
  • Intensive cooperation with Google account managers

To be able to get the Google Partner certification, we have acquired 7 different certificates expressing our certification. This enables us to implement ideas, campaigns and reports professionally.

Google Analytics
Expresses our qualification in digital analytics and the basic , as well as advanced concepts of Google Analytics. These include focus areas such as planning, implementation, data collection, configuration, administration, conversion, reports, metrics, and more.

Google Ads Certification for Search Advertising
Demonstrates our expertise in effectively creating and optimizing Google search campaigns, leveraging automated solutions such as smart bidding, target group solutions to achieve relevant and specific marketing goals and improve campaign performance.

Google Ads Certification for Display Advertising
Demonstrates our skills in developing effective display advertising campaigns, achieving specific marketing goals and getting best results with limited budgets.

Google Ads Certification for Video Advertising
Validates our ability to achieve effective results YouTube and Google Videos advertising solutions, reaching potential buyers throughout the buying process and at scale.

Google Ads Certification for Shopping Ads
Refers to our expertise in creating and optimizing Shopping campaigns to achieve greater reach and more conversions.

Google Ads Certification for App Marketing
Demonstrates our expert knowledge of effective and successful app campaigns, as well as our ability to use advanced optimization strategies.

Google Ads Certification for Performance Analytics
Expresses our ability to analyze and optimize digital ad performance using Google’s analytics tools. As well as being able to execute key actions that improve the performance of Google Ads campaigns and thereby drive businesses forward.

By re-qualifying as a Google Partner, we distinguish ourselves as experts in the field of advertising and online marketing.

Our clients benefit effectively from this. Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.

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