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With these 5 simple steps you will receive precise instructions on how to setup an Instagram shopping account for your company and thus use the enormous potential of Instagram shopping.

How to setup your shop on Instagram!

1. Create an Instagram Business account

Select the “Account” tab under “Settings” in your Instagram profile and then select the “Switch to Creator Account” option highlighted below.

2. Link your Facebook page

  • Go to your company’s Instagram profile.
  • Select “Edit profile”.
  • As the next step, select the option “Page” under Publicly visible company details.
  • Then select the Facebook page that you want to link.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page, select “Create a new Facebook page”.
    Note: You only need a Facebook page and no shop on your Facebook page .

3. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

The main purpose of the Facebook Business Manager is to access your advertising account. However, you also need it to be able to sell your products via Instagram Shopping. Go to and register with your e-mail address.

4. Create a product catalog

To upload your product catalog, open the company settings in Facebook Business Manager, select “Catalogs” under “Data sources” and then “Create new catalog”. In the following, the product catalog will be created and you can add the respective product feed. In order to be able to sell your products, select the option E-Commerce in the next step.

5. Set up the shopping function in the app

To set up the shopping function in the app, first select “Business” and then “Instagram shopping” under the profile settings.

Every account is initially checked by Instagram. It can take a few days to activate.

After your application has been verified, you have the option of tagging your products on posts and in your story. That’s why it’s now “Post, post & post again!”


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