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Pinterest currently has around 442 million active users per month (source: Statista) who research topics, seek inspiration or want to visually discover products.

Not only is the number of Pinterest users growing steadily, but the number of companies discovering Pinterest for themselves is also growing constantly. This is due to the fact that “pinners” (technical jargon for Pinterest users) are particularly characterized by their high purchase intent. 93% use Pinterest in connection with a purchase decision.


Pinterest facts

  • Around 442 million active users worldwide.
  • Around 74% of the access takes place via a mobile device.
  • 69% of the users are female, 25% of the users are male. An increase in male registrations is clearly noticeable.
  • The majority of users are between 18 and 44 years old.
  • Interactions with organic Pinterest Shopping Pins increased 44 percent in 2020.

Pinterest & Business

So Pinterest can be a great tool for businesses to use to push their website traffic or sales. Pinterest is used by many users as a search engine and is designed to redirect users to a website. Depending on the company’s goal, pinners can be directed to a news post, a landing page or directly to the web shop or a special product via Pinterest.

Pinterest & the most important terms

Every advertiser should know the most important terms. Pinterest users are called pinners. Every pinner has an individual profile in which he can create pin boards sorted by topic and save selected, inspiring pins.

A pin is comparable to a post that another user or a company has published on Pinterest. In addition to a medium, each pin also consists of a title, a description and a link.

Every pinner, both private individuals and companies, can publish their own pins, and save and forward pins from others in their own pin board. If the pin of a pinner is saved, this is also called a RePin.

Pin strategy

These basic factors should be included in any good pin strategy:

  • Verify website & social media accounts
    This gives you access to your website analytics and shows users where they can find more of your content.
  • Turn on Rich Pins
    Rich Pins get more visibility in the feed and contain additional information.
  • SEO optimization
    Research your most important keywords and integrate them into your profile, board and pin descriptions.
  • Use @Mentions
    In this way you can address other users directly on the platform so that they can remember your pins.
  • Put #hashtags for your keywords
    As a result, your pinned posts are visible longer in the keyword search, you reach more users and also have the potential to be suggested to other users in the home feed.
  • Create templates
    Create 3 to 5 design templates. All you have to do is exchange text and image – that saves time. Also think of your corporate design to ensure your recognition value.
  • Continuity
    Pin as often as possible.


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