Blühendes Österreich

Support since 2017

Online marketing agendas – strategy, management, coordination and evaluation of projects and measures as well as the promotion

The Foundation Blühendes Österreich (Blooming Austria) is the first and most important non-profit private foundation for the protection and promotion of biodiversity in Austria and was founded in 2015 by REWE International AG. Since 2017 we are supporting Blühendes Österreich in the implementation of projects and the on-going support of online marketing agendas – strategic and operative.

We have redirected online marketing to sustainable objectives and efficiency of using funds. We coordinate the activities of the editorial team, SEO, SEA and SEM in use. We are pursuing the long-term purposes objectives to give these issues a great publicity and to raise awareness of sustainability, biodiversity and nature conservation. We use a comprehensive set of information channels for reaching the people.

Portal Blühendes Österreich has developed with its extensive knowledge supply to an important online proposal around the topics nature, nature experience, knowledge, nature protection and nature culture. We attend the development of the online magazine since 2017. We also attend the further steps to a comprehensive information supply of a magazine, a lexicon and a nature calendar, which represent a comprehensive Austrian event program.

Der Naturkalender (The Nature’s Calendar)
The major current project is the Naturkalender, we’ve maintained from the beginning. The Naturkalender (Nature’s Calendar) of Blühendes Österreich offers events and excursion tips from 60 organizations from all over Austria. With it’s launch the Naturkalender includes the largest outdoor and nature experience supply in Austria and it will be even more extensive. The great interest shown in it – both organizers and visitors – encourages us to continue to push this project forward.

Other projects we maintain from Blühendes Österreich:
The Nature-Protection-Prize „Die Brennnessel“ (The Stinging Nettle)
Die Schmetterlingsapp (The Butterfly-App) –

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