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It has been almost 20 years since Google announced its Google AdWords advertising program. With 350 advertisers, AdWords started in October 2000 and a lot has happened since then. The majority of the approximately $ 136 billion in revenue consists of the income from Google AdWords or Google Ads, as it has been called since 2018.

Google Ads has become an integral part of online marketing and is an important advertising medium for many industries and companies.

Google ad network

The Google advertising network includes all those places where ads can appear. These include Google websites, search partner websites, and other placements such as mobile apps.

The search network

The search network is probably the best-known form of advertising on Google and, on the one hand, refers to the Google search itself, in which the ads are displayed on other Google websites such as Google Shopping or Google Maps in addition to the Google search results pages. On the other hand, there are Google search network partners who also allow Google text ads, have entered into a partnership with Google to place ads, such as

When a user makes a search query, paid search results are in many cases displayed above and below the organic – unpaid – results. Advertisers can select the search queries that are relevant to their company and thus activate campaigns with the appropriate ad text. The payment is made per click – appearing, seeing an ad costs the advertiser nothing.

Click prices have risen sharply in recent years. This is due to the fact that more and more companies are advertising with Google Ads, thereby driving up the prices for a wide variety of keywords. As an advertiser, you have the option to set a maximum bid per click, but if it is too low, the ad will not be played.

The display network

The display network faces the Google search network and displays ads on Google’s own websites such as YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites. While you can only display text ads on the search network, the display network offers multimedia options such as images, videos or rich snippets. The oldest form of online advertising takes place on this network – banner advertising.

Google describes the network itself with these words:
“Display network ads are ideal for promoting your business when users research online, watch videos on YouTube, are active in Gmail, or use a mobile device or apps. Through the Google Display Network, 90% of Internet users worldwide are reached on millions of websites, news sites, blogs and Google products like Gmail and YouTube. “

Websites on which the advertising banners are displayed can be defined via keywords, categories and / or demographic characteristics. Payment is made either per click – cost per click or CPCor per 1000 impressions – cost per mille or CPM.

The display network is very suitable for advertising products, topics, events, … and to strengthen the branding.

Google Ads campaigns

Every entrepreneur should analyze how Google Ads can fit into their advertising strategy, because although the competition and click prices on Google Ads are constantly increasing, there are numerous options for targeted and profitable advertising with Google Ads.

We createset up ad texts, find the right search terms, create relevant ad extensionsand we take caremonitor the performance of the different ad texts and keywords, make adjustments – online campaigns for many well-known companies successfully.

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