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In 2019, 68% or around 5.1 million Austrians (aged 15 and over) made purchases in the Internet retail / mail order business in Austria. In doing so, they incurred expenses of 8.1 billion euros, of which 7.5 billion went to online trade. This also means an increase of + 2% over the previous year.


Online trade

The top product groups in distance selling are currently clothing with 1.9 billion, electrical appliances with 1.2 billion and books with 0.7 billion euros in sales. The strongest growth was recorded in 2019 in the furniture / decoration sectors with + 18%, cosmetics with + 12% and shoes / leather goods with + 9%.

(*Source:  Handeslverband

E-Commerce in Austria

Nowadays there are hardly any niches that can be filled and if you have one, you are one provider among many. This is exactly why the same marketing principles have to be applied as for an offline company foundation.

Why should you order in your shop? Range? Price? Service?

E-commerce means tough competition and does not end with a ready-made online shop. Ongoing support for products, content, updates, further developments, hosting and much more is required so that the shop is really visible and running online.

The necessary online marketing also plays an enormous role for success. How do you get visitors to your online shop, what does each visitor cost, how high is the conversion rate, do customers buy once or often, …? All of these details need to be carefully considered.

Online shop


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