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With the facts in our YouTube in numbers post, the question whether a company should be represented on YouTube has been eliminated. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Optimize video content for YouTube

Tips for top rankings


The first 15 seconds of your video are crucial for attention. A longer intro or a nicely animated logo is clearly out of place here and should be avoided. It is important that it is clear at an early stage what your video is about – therefore: start directly with the content.


Tools like Kparser can help you find the most relevant keywords for your videos. The keywords should be integrated stringently, this begins with the file name, which is of exceptional importance for the YouTube algorithm.


The video title is the first contact with users, so the most relevant keyword should already be named with the title. The maximum title length is 100 characters.

In the video description, the content should be described without revealing the details. A total of 5000 characters are available for a suitable wording, of which only 120 characters are displayed in the directly visible area. These 120 characters should be used for all relevant information such as a table of contents or a link to your website or other videos. A good description starts with 500 characters and you should also make sure to use the main keyword relatively far up front, ideally under the first 25 words.


Tags are important because they signal YouTube what the video is about. Ideally, four to ten specific tags should be used. The main keyword should be the first tag.


The click-through rate (CTR) is also an important ranking factor for YouTube. A prominent thumbnail can encourage users to click on your video.


When users interact with your videos, this signals YouTube that they like your videos. This ranking factor is becoming increasingly important on YouTube. If your videos are liked, commented, shared and if many users subscribed to your channel, YouTube will register and honor it.


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