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We have been supporting the Austrian Film Institute for many years and designing both the annual film industry report and the annual activity report.

The 2019 activity report is just fresh from the printer! We are proud of the successful result.

The annual activity report of the Austrian Film Institute gives an overview of the funding activities of the previous year. The activity report presents the committees as well as data and statistics on the films funded and on gender equality.

The number of pages has increased compared to previous years. The activity report for 2019 comprises 64 pages, 16 of which are gender equality. The 2019 activity report is available for download HERE on the website of the Austrian Film Institute.

It is the 13th report that we have designed in this way. For our graphics team, it is a very special job that requires a lot of specialist knowledge in the area of ​​editorial design.


Editorial Design

In the graphics scene, editorial design is referred to as the “highest art” of typesetting in the graphics sector and is a collaboration between the graphic designer, editors, photographers and illustrators.

The main challenge lies in the development of a design grid. All content such as text, photos, graphics, etc. are based on this grid. Each article should be given a look that matches the content. In this way, the selection and placement of photos, typography and typesetting create a homogeneous overall picture with guaranteed recognition value.

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