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iService-neuer-Kunde_Raiffeisen Bank International

We are enormously pleased to have a new agency client:

Raiffeisen Bank International

With 17 million customers and a presence in 13 markets, the bank has achieved a top 5 market position in no less than 10 countries. We are excited about the opportunity to implement the new corporate design of Futurebrand/London for all markets and the impressive number of 44,000 employees. Within one month we managed to interpret and successfully implement all documents, presentations, folders and factsheets into the new brand.

Raiffeisen Bank International is one of the leading financial institutions in Europe. With its large customer base and strong presence in various markets, it has established itself as one of the top players in the industry. The start of our collaboration marks a significant milestone for us as an agency and is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellent work in a short space of time.

The corporate design, developed by Futurebrand/London, embodies the future-oriented vision of Raiffeisen Bank International. It is a blend of modern design, clean lines and an appealing colour scheme that emphasises the bank’s strength and reliability. Our task was to transfer this visual identity to all documents, presentations, folders and factsheets and ensure that the bank’s message is conveyed in a consistent manner.

We are proud to be part of the bank’s success story and look forward to continuing to present first-class solutions that meet Raiffeisen Bank International’s standards.