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As a full-service agency, we have been supporting MOTHER EARTH since 2016 in online campaign management, SEA & Google Grants, emailing, web presence with conception, design, user experience, customer journey and in technical implementation including donation system.

This was also the case for this year’s ORF/Mother Earth focus on climate and energy under the motto “Bye Bye CO2!“.

The website presents itself this year in orientation to the corporate design of the ORF (ORF ist the public service broadcaster of Austria) with a modern responsive screen design. The clear design gives presence to the central topics and leads the visitor through a memorable information experience towards awareness raising, outlines solutions and moves to active action.

On Monday, April 25, 2022, ORF’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Pius Strobl, Anita Malli (Managing Director of MOTHER EARTH) and Agnes Zauner (Managing Director of GLOBAL 2000 Austria and board member of MOTHER EARTH) presented the motto of this year’s MOTHER EARTH focus at a press briefing.



MUTTER ERDE is an association of ORF and Austria’s leading environmental and nature conservation organizations – Alpenverein, Birdlife, GLOBAL 2000, Greenpeace, Naturfreunde, Naturschutzbund, VCÖ and WWF.

Each year, a relevant topic is the focus of joint attention. The aim of the annual campaigns is to inform people in order to create awareness for sustainable action and to call for support for environmental protection projects and active action.

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