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We recently relaunched our beloved notebooks “There’s a book for that” and everyone in our agency loved using his favorite book.

The most popular and also our bestseller is the Memos Organization Notebook.

We all know that ideas and tasks come in all colors and shapes and sometimes it is the best idea that comes from nowhere or we read something and we really want to keep it.

The way to note down this is as individual as the thought itself – everyone has its own way. Many use a “creative” 😉 scribble, some sketch their ideas and some already have an (almost) clear organizational process in mind.

In an advertising agency like ours, a team consists of all of these individualists and that is exactly why we love the already designed stationery of the Memos Organization Notebooks – it picks up everyone perfectly at his thought gate.


A full scribble page on the left side for sketching stuff or space to go wild during a boring phone call.

To-Do list right

Each right side is a beautifully designed to-do list with thoughtful details for easy organization.



To Do List Marks

What is still open? What is done and what is in progress?

We ourselves use these simple way to mark, so we get a quick overview.


Easy Reminder

If not all to-dos are done, we won’t overlook any with the Easy Reminder.
We circle around the Easy Reminder in a favourite color for each open element and know that we will transfer this point to the next page.



The Memo Organization Notebook takes personal organizational skills to a new level, opens up opportunities for creativity, documents the past and plans for the future.


Discover the Memo Organization Notebook and another 18 individual notebooks for managing, creative industries, professionals and passion & hobbies from THERE’S A BOOK FOR THAT for yourself!